Computational Core

Dr. Robert Grossman, Director of Informatics at IGSB, is leading the Center’s CBC Computational Core. This Core relies on standard bioinformatics tools as well as specialized tools such as:

  • Cistrack: Cistrack is a repository for transcriptional network studies.
  • Flynet: Flynet provides an integrated view of Drosophila melanogaster transcription regulation and makes genome wide in vivo protein-DNA interactions data available to the scientific community as a whole.
  • The Chicago Utility for Biological Sciences (CUBioS): The CBC/CUBioS project is an open-source cloud-based bioinformatics platform. Cistrack is CUBioS instance. CUBioS is available from Source Forge and can be customized to support a variety of bioinformatics applications.
  • Bionimbus: a cloud-based system for managing, analyzing and sharing genomic data
  • Sector/Sphere: a cloud-based system for data intensive computing.

Dr. Robert Grossman

Contact Information

Dr. Robert Grossman
University of Chicago
900 East 57th Street
KCBD 10146

Phone: 773-702-9765